Jimmy Lustig

Denver, Colorado

Jimmy Lustig is a founder and chief executive officer at United Capital Management, a Colorado-based family office.

A non-practicing CPA, James Lustig presently manages his family’s private equity investment portfolio. He has diverse real estate holdings throughout the Western United States, and also invests in private (pre-IPO) companies in industries ranging from food and restaurants to medicine.

A seasoned leader in business, Jimmy Lustig has executive experience at various companies. He has proven himself to have the entrepreneurial spirit that drives new ideas to success; all while working within the established frameworks of highly regulated industries. Jimmy was previously a shareholder and employee of a commercial bank, headquartered in Denver, of which his family was the majority shareholders and was later sold to Zions Bank. He also founded GEA Entertainment, a music publishing industry consolidator. He earned his B.A. from the University of Colorado and his M.B.A. from Columbia University.

James Lustig balances his professional career with a variety of charitable endeavors. He and his wife run the Lustig Family Foundation, through which they are able to contribute to numerous organizations and institutions that embody their values. Jimmy is proud to do his part in supporting educational, cultural, and social endeavors that will shape generations to come.

Jimmy has always been passionate about civic engagement, and he is involved in a variety of clubs and organizations on a personal level throughout Denver and the Los Angeles area as well. He is a board member of Mizel Museum, Shalom Park, and Yeshiva Toras Chaim in Denver, and of Wiesenthal Museum, The Race to Erase MS, and Brentwood School in Los Angeles.

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