Remember the last time someone appreciated you for doing a fantastic job? How did it feel? Awesome, right? Every worker needs a pat on the back.

Recognizing the efforts of employees can motivate them to perform better next time. Additionally, appreciation instills a sense of respect and trust in them, and they feel that you value their efforts towards achieving organizational goals. Happy employees are more productive, and thus a company will experience increased revenues.

Here are fantastic ways to throw a remote employee appreciation event.

  1. Cheers from Clients

For businesses into client sales or services, they can approach the customers or vendors who have had a remarkable experience and request them to fill a survey form mentioning the employee who catered to them and applaud their efforts. When praises come from previous customers that an employee has served, they go a long way in improving employee morale and can increase customer retention.

  1. Recognize Their Work

Words are powerful and fulfill individual needs that can’t be met with tangible possessions. During an appreciation event, managers should highlight a team or outstanding individual performance and honor their sacrifice. If a team member worked overnight to deliver a marketing plan on time, the manager should recognize the gift. Words of gratitude can mean the world to employees.

  1. Award the Top Performer

A great way to appreciate individual efforts is sending them a physical commemoration, such as a medal, a magnetic card, a framed certificate, or a trophy. A physical remembrance is an exceptional gesture to celebrate a significant achievement, work anniversary, or an international anniversary.

  1. Wall of Fame

There is nothing more exciting than seeing your name on the wall of fame. When an employee does something recommendable, managers should consider posting their name on the virtual wall of fame.

  1. Create A Reward Points Program

Establishing a continuous appreciation program is a smart way of keeping employees motivated. Managers should consider creating a reward program where an employee can earn points after completing a challenging task. These points can later be redeemed for a gift.

  1. Send Candy

Inspiring words are memorable, but sweets are fantastic. Remote employees should celebrate significant success in a big way. Managers can send their employees a box of whiskey or champagne.