By almost any metric, Bill Gates is among the most successful individuals of the last hundred years. While he is perhaps most famous for his long run as the richest person in the world, he has also made a number of more tangible contributions to human society. From his role in the tech boom of the last century to his current focus on philanthropy, he has always been a larger-than-life figure.


Given his unquestionable success, it seems Bill Gates is someone we should listen to when he goes about offering advice. According to him, there are certain traits that allow a person to turn their lofty goals into concrete realities. Here are the four choices that, according to Gates, separate the doers from the mere dreamers.


Foster Curiosity


Gates thinks that success is easier to achieve for lifelong learners. In order to learn new things each and every day, you have to maintain a basic curiosity about what’s going on around you. By fostering that curiosity and then satisfying it through learning, you become a more capable individual. A lack of curiosity, on the other hand, will only lead to intellectual stagnation.


Empower Others


Being a good leader is essential for anyone hoping to make major waves in the world. Nobody ever changed society all on their own. The people who accomplish the most are those who can inspire others to follow them into the trenches. The very best leaders learn to foster this ability over time.


Delegate Tasks To Compensate For Weaknesses


Even the most incredible people in the world have their flaws. Gates recognizes that everyone, including himself, needs to compensate for their weaknesses. The best way to do that is by delegating tasks to trusted, confidant companions. Trying to do everything yourself will only result in failure, while knowing how to build a coherent team is essential for success.


Focus On What Really Matters


No matter how well you avoid procrastination and organize your time, there are still only twenty-four hours in a day. Gates thinks that the most successful people understand how to rank their priorities. They ignore meaningless or petty concerns to focus on the big-picture issues that truly define their goals.