Workplace bullies are prevalent in every office regardless of the number of people that work there. Studies have found that 19 percent of people have faced some form of bullying in the office. The following is a list of some of the different types of bullies that are found in the workplace.


Two-headed snake

To their co-workers, this bully acts like a trusted friend and colleague. But behind their back, when the coworker is out of earshot, the bully will destroy their colleague’s reputation and stab them in the back. They will even take credit for the work done by the colleague they are tearing down.


Constant critic

This bully’s goal is to dismantle other people’s confidence through continuous and unwarranted criticism. They will look for any flaw in someone’s work and spend their time working to kill that person’s credibility. This office bully also isn’t above falsifying documents and creating evidence to make others look bad.



A gatekeeper thrives on wielding their power over others in the office. It doesn’t matter if that power is something real or something they perceive. They deny other individuals in the office the tools they need to do their jobs efficiently and effectively. They will make sure resources, time and, information is hard to obtain.


Attention Seeker

Attention seekers are just that, the center of attention at all times. They use consistent flattery and are kind to their coworkers and peers until someone doesn’t provide them with the right amount of attention. They are usually dramatic and relate everything back to themselves. Attention seekers are often the ones coaxing information out of new employees to turn and use it on them later.



Is there a bully in your office that sees themselves as entirely indispensable and wants recognition for every single thing they do? This is the wannabe. They are usually a lackluster employee and to make up for it, they spend the majority of their time watching everyone else do their job and then complaining about them. Wannabes want everything done their way and won’t compromise because they are opposed to everyone else’s ideas.  



The sociopath is the most destructive bully of the bunch. They are usually intelligent, well-spoken, charismatic, charming, and have no empathy for others. They will expertly manipulate the emotions of other co-workers to get precisely what they want. Sociopaths are quick to rise to power positions within the office and surround themselves with individuals that are willing to complete “dirty work” for them.