The first 100 days are crucial for new leaders. They can be used to prepare for the challenges and opportunities they will face in their new role. During these early days, it’s essential that leaders set the tone for the team. Here are some ways that you can do so.

Get People Talking

Make sure that something is done to get everyone talking. For instance, when a new leader came into a manufacturing facility, they had the maintenance team paint over the signs for management parking. This indicated that managers were not to be treated differently. The message was simple: We are all in this together.

Be the Example

Your team’s performance will be affected by your minimum behaviors. For instance, if you expect everyone to be on time, you must be on time. Similarly, you should expect managers to be out of the office, and you must ensure that workers wear safety equipment.

Set Clear Priorities

Your team will see what’s important to you and assume that you prioritize them over your e-mails. For instance, if you spend the first hour of your day on your computer, your team will likely take you’re not focused on them. Similarly, if you spend much time on your phone, your team will probably assume you’re not interested in their presentation.

Keep a Positive Attitude

Positive attitudes are contagious; regardless of how you feel, you must maintain a positive outlook on your team. Although you may need to be empathetic when dealing with difficult situations, your team members will still exhibit the same positive spirit if you are genuinely upbeat.

Be Accessible

Make sure that you are visible, available, and approachable. Greet your team members daily, and engage them on topics they care about. Your team members will see you as interested in their opinions and thoughts and will be more likely to share their experiences with you.

Setting the tone early is very important for new leaders. It can help them develop a positive relationship with their team members and make them feel valued. Some activities you can do to set the tone include creating a buzz, showing an example, and being present.