Dr. Mike McDonald of the Gallup Founders addressed the Q10 elements that having a best friend in a workplace streamlines your future. Why am I saying this? It’s because a “best friend” will always give you some form of motivation, care, and nurturing. If you even look at it in real life, you’ll somewhat agree with the statement.

A right working environment isn’t achievable if your colleagues don’t possess the following elements: trust, respect, self-awareness, inclusion, and empathy. These elements are not for your staff mates, but also you should check yourself. It’s a collective thing and, therefore, give and take situation. Here’s how to create positive relationships between your coworkers.

1. Intentional Communication

Communication involves ways to convey information by following the right protocols. For example, if you are a manager, you don’t have to shout to pass a message to an office mate. Neither is throwing insults communicating. If not careful, you may provoke and lead others into hating you the more. It may also create a sense of fear among workers and may fail to consult you when an urgent matter requires special attention. Instead, develop your “people skills.” It helps in improving your weaknesses.

2. Write well

Communication at times doesn’t necessarily involve speaking, but at times it requires writing. Most of the time, it requires you to send messages, or emails, invoices to your boss, colleagues, or clients. Therefore, you have to craft well-composed messages such that it is well understood when one reads them.

3. Don’t Be All Business

It is good to formulate good habits. By this, I mean make it a priority to build long-lasting bonds. Cut yourself some slack and loosen up a bit. You don’t have to be stone-faced throughout your working hours. Create jokes or laugh at jokes, ask a colleague out for a coffee, go out for lunch breaks or dinner dates. Give a one-minute kindness by commenting on how they are well dressed, how you love their presentations at the meeting, and so much more.

4. Manage Your Boundaries

It is good to joke and release stress with your colleagues or even your boss, but it is good you stick to your lane at times. Interactions are good, but you need to stick to the company’s goal, especially when a friend or staff mate begins to monopolize you.

5. Work on Your Emotional Intelligence

Everybody knows their limitations. Emotional Intelligence gives you a sense of managing your emotions. Challenge your EI by walking out from situations that would threaten your peace of mind.

These are some of the skills that teach you the moral ethics you need to develop. They would not only build your career but would strengthen your Public Relations skills in any field.