Organizations with a caring culture for employees makes them feel included in their company. Employees always remember how employers made them feel. An organization that treats its employees as a family ensures their health and safety is a top priority. An employer not only needs to take care of his team during this unprecedented time to maintain productivity but also help them cope with the stress and anxiety brought by the pandemic. Below is a list of things you can do to take care of your team during COVID-19.


Prioritize the well-being of the team


When the team’s health deteriorates, the company’s productivity reduces as well. An organization should ensure the team’s mental and physical health is well taken care of. To prevent coronavirus spread, make sure employees are wearing masks and maintaining social distance at the office. It’s also essential to have a daily health check in the workstations.


The revision of sick leave should be flexible for employees to access it whenever needed. If employees work from home, encourage them to have breaks and participate in in-home workouts to boost their immune system.


Consistent communication


As an employer, communicate to employees and know what they feel about the workload. If it’s too much and overwhelming, consider reducing it to have self-care time. Also, encourage them to use apps like Talkspace, where their mental health can be taken care of. Communicating frequently through various platforms builds trust and confidence for employees to express themselves and raise their concerns.


Managers empowerment


While change is inevitable, it can be difficult for some people to adjust. An organization should start by empowering managers since they are at the forefront to help others transition. Managers need to become an inspiration to their team for progress and meeting the company’s goals.


Be lenient on deadlines and fixed schedules


Before COVID-19, people would put more effort into meeting stringent deadlines, but working from home has changed priorities. People have realized the importance of a family and how their contribution matters. Family is more important during this period compared to work. Organizations should adjust these deadlines to ensure employees are not worried about work while caring for their families. When an employee has a flexible schedule, his productivity is increased and enhances his mental health.