New employees often feel like they have a lot of new responsibilities and faces to learn on the first day. This can be very stressful and overwhelming. When a new employee is welcomed to your team, think about how you can help them get through their first day. Here are a few steps to help you ensure they have a smooth start. According to studies, having a good onboarding process can help improve employee retention and productivity by over 70%. When welcoming new employees, think about how you can calm their nerves and help them get used to the new surroundings. Also, express how happy you are that they’re joining the team. Even if you’re working from home, it’s important to show new employees that you’re excited to work with them.

There are so many ways that you can help new employees feel welcomed. Some of these ideas will help you create a welcoming environment. New employees don’t like being put on the spot, so avoid making them feel like they have to speak to a crowd. Instead, focus on ways that will allow everyone to build two-way relationships.

Provide an Orientation and Training Outline

New employees should receive a game-plan template to help them visualize the various steps of their onboarding process. Send it a couple of days before their first day to help them get a feel for the procedure. This will help set expectations for their first few weeks.

Consider Catering Food

A catered lunch is a great way to introduce new employees to other team members. It can also help everyone get to know them better. Before the event, send a message to all the invited individuals to let them know that the day’s goal is to get to know their new colleague. Remote teams can have difficulty building relationships, especially when everyone is miles apart. Try hosting an informal Zoom call or DoorDash lunch at each member’s house.

Have a Welcome Meeting

A team meeting is also a great way to introduce new employees to other team members. It can help them know what their role is in the organization. During the meeting, the new hires can introduce themselves and share how they contribute to the team. You can also invite the entire company to attend the event and introduce themselves and their roles.

Prepare Their Desk Beforehand

Before a new employee arrives at work, ensure that the area they’re working in is thoroughly cleaned. Doing so will help prevent them from accidentally opening the drawer and finding their previous team member’s trash. If you’re unsure what to do with the desk, consider adding a couple of colorful balloons or a welcome card. This will help make the new-employee feel like they’re welcomed.

Pair Them With a Mentor

An office buddy can also help ease new employees’ stress when they arrive at work. Having a buddy can help them get to know one another better. You can also introduce new employees to people from different departments to help them get to know one another better.