While leadership and management have a lot in common, they aren’t quite the same thing. Understanding the difference between the two will set you apart in the business world and allow you to have more success than ever. Here are the three main differences.


A Leader Has the Vision

The leader’s job is to set big goals. They describe their vision for the future of the company which provides a model of the future that everyone can understand and work towards.


A Manager Enacts the Vision

Once the vision is communicated, it is the job of a manager to ensure that targets are met, and the vision is attained. They are responsible for the day to day activities that create the end result.


Leaders Inspire

A leader can light a fire in others. They understand what makes employees tick and what buttons to push at the right time. Leaders have high energy and make connections quickly. They need to be able to motivate employees to work towards a common goal.


Managers Don’t Need to Motivate

A manager can be inspirational but that is not a job requirement for them. Their main role is to ensure that work is being done. Sure, they can lift the spirits of the team from time to time as needed. However, making sure the organization is in good health from a pragmatic standpoint is always the top priority.


Leaders Don’t Have Direct Control

Many leaders don’t even have direct authority in the company. While having authority can help their ability to influence others, it is not needed. A leader can just as easily be a hired speaker as well as an internal CEO.


Managers Have Authority

The manager must have some appointed authority in the company, which is their source of power. It allows them to keep employees on track and provide both rewards and consequences to ensure that the company’s interests are being met at all times. They shouldn’t abuse this authority, but instead, use it when it is needed.


When it comes to business, both managers and leaders are essential. While they have similar qualities, having a leader and a manager to provide direction and execution in your business will help you compete in your marketplace to get more sales, success, and peace of mind.