Many higher-ups in the business world have a passion for helping women leaders grow in their positions. Its widely understood that women are great when it comes to problem-solving and that they collaborate well. Having more gender diversity, especially in leadership positions, can lead to better decision-making, higher employee retention, and even potentially higher profits. But how do we support the women leaders in our lives? Here are a few great ways to go about it.

Encourage Them

Even when they are highly competent, women often have a hard time feeling confident. This can lead them to believe that they must meet all of the necessary requirements before they can move forward. By gently pushing them to take on those risks, they can increase their confidence and start volunteering for bigger projects. This will help them build their comfort levels so they can catapult themselves further up the corporate ladder and truly make use of their skills and talent.

Include Them In The Conversation

Some women will avoid challenging or even interrupting others due to their social upbringing. Executives can help them understand this and encourage them to speak up. They can also help them identify when someone else is taking credit for something they’ve just said or done.

An effective response when someone is noticed is to simply say, “I believe Jane said that.” This acknowledges that she was heard and invites her back into the conversation.

Perfection Is Good, But Not Everything

Due to the differences between men and women, such as the difference in hormone levels or how women tend to be raised differently than men, many women feel the need to be constantly perfect. In leadership, perfection isn’t everything, and taking risks is important. A great way to support women leaders is by helping them master the 80/20 rule, where you perfect only the 20% needed to attain 80% of the goal. This can lead to women leaders being more productive with less effort.

Push For A Work-Life Balance

Being a professional woman can be hard to handle, especially when it comes to raising a family. This can eat away at a person’s life and contribute to their leaving the workplace. Support women by asking what’s needed to excel in both their work and life. Women can be both great leaders in a professional setting as well as in their family lives, and they should never have to feel guilty for wanting to advance their careers while also being a mother.