To be successful in the competitive market today, businesses must focus on creating the right atmosphere that encourages employee development and retention. One of the few opportunities for businesses to create a competitive advantage and strongly empowered workers is implementing a workplace mentorship program. Mentoring employees gives them an opportunity to gradually advance their career while also increasing their competency. The benefits of having a structured workplace mentoring program are significant and cannot be overlooked.


Promoting a learning culture

Mentorship programs that are organized and run internally to an organization allow employees to learn something new. Equipping the workers with such knowledge is a great incentive that encourages organizational learning and progressive employee growth. Such a learning culture is highly beneficial to the workplace as employees become more competent.


Cutting on learning costs

Internally organized mentorship programs allow companies to impart vital skills to their workers without necessarily incurring learning costs. Such mentorship can be done at a personalized level, therefore cutting on finances that would have been allocated to a ballroom training session. The senior members of the organization can become mentors to the junior employees, thus eliminating the need to hire external mentors and trainers.


Increasing job satisfaction

Employee mentorship is a highly desired area in an employee’s career development process. Sadly, few organizations ever put such mentorship into consideration, thereby leading to increased employee turnover and job dissatisfaction. Creating an emphasis on internal employee mentorship, therefore, gives any company an opportunity to increase employee job satisfaction and cut on turnover rates.


Boosted productivity

Companies which invest in employee mentorship get an opportunity to impart crucial and desired skills to their workers. Skills, such as how to become more productive in the workplace, how to stay organized at work, and how to prevent common workplace distractions and fatigue, largely benefit the organization. If such skills are practiced among the targeted workers, then the organization stands to gain from a boosted productivity, better sales, and even high profits.


Creating a positive working environment

Internally organized employee mentorship programs give workers an opportunity to interact at a personalized level. This increases the general ambient atmosphere for workers to network with each other. The friendly atmosphere created as a result guarantees a positive working environment that is friendly and which encourages teamwork.