Every big and small business manager acts as a role model for their staff. Their attitude and behaviors towards work and colleagues set the standards of what is expected from others. If a manager treats everyone with respect and delivers exceptional service to customers, employees eventually develop the same behavior.

Characteristics of Effective Role Models in The Workplace

Managers have a large number of people watching their every move and learning from them. Positive role models should strive to showcase the following attributes consistently:

  • Hard work – they need to put in the effort to complete tasks and exceed what is expected of them.
  • Accountability – always take responsibility for their actions and admit to mistakes.
  • Positivity – it is necessary to maintain a positive attitude even during tough times.
  • Persistence – they should continue pushing on even after a task is complete.
  • Respect – always respect customers, vendors, and employees.
  • Integrity – employees look up to their moral uprightness.

Benefits of Role Models in The Workplace

When a workplace has a positive role model, the business experiences many benefits. The following are reasons why every business should consider having a good role model:

Increasing Employee Morale

They help raise the employees’ morale by making the workplace more enjoyable. They inspire them to keep trying even when things are difficult.

Inspiring Healthy Competition


Due to their top performance, they inspire employees to produce the same or even higher work levels than them.

Motivating Others

When employees seek guidance from them, they provide them with essential information to excel at work. A good role model generates motivation within teams by coaching and guiding them.

Communicating Openly


Role models are always ready to share their ideas and develop innovations to help the organization attain its goals. They give employers and colleagues tips on how they achieved their success. A good role model will provide honest information that is always helpful.

Creating a Positive Working Environment

A role model should always showcase positivity in the workplace. An example of a way to promote positivity is to write a weekly positive and motivational quote in a common area for the employees to consider when working.


Role models inspire other people to do and achieve great things. They are not found in every office worldwide, but having one would benefit both employees and employers.