As a manager, it’s your job to look after your employees to the best of your ability. While some are natural at this, others need to actively work toward being better for both themselves and those under their supervision. Working toward better management skills often equates to happier, more productive, and loyal employees as well as better financial results for your company. While you won’t become a better manager overnight, keeping these tips in mind will help you to build toward improving your habits and management style.


One way to better yourself as a manager is to make a genuine connection with your employees. You shouldn’t treat them as underlings; they are vital to the success of your organization. Take the time to get to know them and their goals in life, both personally and professionally. What are their career goals? What are they passionate about? Knowing these things will bring you closer to your team and make communication easier. 


Speaking of communication, make sure you let your team know pertinent information and be forthcoming with what they need to know. A lack of communication can have a negative impact on your employees and your company. On the flip side, take the time to listen to your employees as much as possible. You should give your full attention to what they have to say, whether it be a concern they have or an idea to better the company. 


Additionally, work on your leadership skills. You’re a leader to your team, not just a manager—your job is to give your team a clear direction and goal to work towards while showing them how to be successful within your organization. Likewise, you should be motivating your employees to work their hardest with good reason. No one wants to give their all for a poor leader, after all. 


Acknowledge success and the positives you see in your employees and their work; focusing only on the negative will demoralize your team, not encourage them. Recognize the hard work they put into your company every day. Most importantly, lead by example—admit when you make mistakes, operate your organization ethically, ask for help when necessary, and be a shining example of how to act in your workplace.