The world has changed drastically over the past two years. Many facets of our lives have had to change and adjust to keep up with the times. For example, there are now more remote opportunities than ever before, with some companies embracing the hybrid workforce. This is just one example of change.

Likewise, leaders must learn to embrace this change, for failure to adapt will cost their team. Here are the top five leadership trends of 2022. All leaders should consider including at least one following in their leadership style.

Well-Being and Mental Health First

These changes have not been without cost. People are paying a high mental toll as stress and anxiety accumulate. According to the CDC, depression causes over two hundred million lost workdays each year. These statistics are not currency, meaning they are not taking modern concerns into account. Likely the number of lost days is much higher.

Leaders must be aware of this toll and prioritize the care of their employees. Take mental health concerns seriously, and encourage employees to do what is needed to stave off burnout and other problems.

Communication is Key

Communication has always been an essential part of running a business. In 2022 more leaders are embracing open forms of communication. This is partially due to the shifting nature of the workforce. Remote employees require extra steps to be kept in the loop, but by including them, leaders are successfully keeping their whole team at higher levels of communication.

Work from Anywhere

Previously, most jobs were location-based – meaning that an employee had to head into the office each day for work. This likewise required them to live nearby, effectively landlocking them to the company. Now, leaders are embracing the work from anywhere trend. Remote employees do not need to be limited by their office’s location, as their office can be wherever their laptop is.

Scaling Down the Requirements

Take a look at current job postings online. You might notice a change in the way the requirements are listed. Many companies are opting out of extensive requirements to find the right fit for the job. This means the focus is more on skills and experience over a specific degree. However, this trend is one of the slower-growing ones, as not all industries can adopt it.  

Team Building

2022 is bringing a revitalization of the team and team-building initiatives. Leaders know now that teams can make or break a company more than ever. They are putting the work into ensuring that their team is strong and works efficiently with one another.